Topnotch Tips!

  • Fill all boxes to capacity to avoid collapsing. Use the same size boxes to facilitate neat, orderly stacking and label all contents. This will make your moving out day of storage much easier, and help determine what boxes to leave in front of your unit for quick access.
  • Place strips of wood or pallets on the floor of the unit to create air flow. You do not want to place boxes or overstuffed furniture directly on the concrete floor.
  • Always use a plastic protector to cover packed furniture and as a dust cover for valuables.
  • Always use a mattress cover on all mattresses to keep them clean and fresh.
  • Place cedar in the unit to help keep items fresh.
  • Always use humidity absorber dri-it to prevent moisture and mildew damage.
  • NEVER store food in a container that is open or in a cardboard container. Use a pest away product to discourage insects and/or rodents from entering your unit.
  • DO NOT store illegal substances (drugs, toxic material or industry waste.) DO NOT store flammable materials. Please see Topnotch MGT if you have any questions regarding these items. Remember, fuel in tanks and carburetors goes bad with age which can cause costly repairs. It’s also illegal to store gas, flammable items and drugs.
  • If it’s worth storing it’s worth insuring. Check the coverage of your homeowners or rental insurance policy to see if they will cover your goods while in storage. Self-storage tenant insurance is available.
    See Topnotch MGT.
  • Remember to check your goods on a monthly basis.

More Information

TopNotch Self-Storage is a family owned and operated business that takes pride in customer service. We provide a clean, dry, safe and secure location to store personal/commercial goods for both long and short term. We offer units from sizes 5’x10′ to 10’x30′ at affordable rates! Call us today at 518.745.7777.

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